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De Tomaso P72

A Modern Day Time Machine

If you know which prototype we're referring to when we say the De Tomaso P72 is a tribute to the P70 from 1964, you're a true enthusiast. Some 55 years ago, three giants from the world of sports cars worked together to create something wonderful. Alejandro de Tomaso enlisted the help of Carrol Shelby and Peter Brock to design a car that could beat the best racing cars in the world. In 2019, our target for the P72 - dubbed a "modern day time machine" by the designers at Wyn Design - is equally ambitious. Do you want to join us on our journey to the future? The P72's flowing surface is sculpted with flawless lines, sturdy and stylish at the same time, further emphasising the power of this four-wheeled monster. And not just any power... the P72 is equipped with a supercharged De Tomaso V8 5.0-litre engine with a linear power curve. With an impressive power output of more than 700hp, and over 825Nm of available torque, the P72 is truly a worthy successor to the P70. Its striking wheel arches, low nose, and characteristic glass design ensure perfect proportions. Timeless, thanks to an undeniable eye for detail. With only 72 on the market worldwide, it doesn't get much more exclusive than the De Tomaso P72.

Available from

€ 750.000
Including VAT & BPM

Top speed

kilometers per hour




seconds 0 to 100


liter supercharged Ford Coyote V8

In our showroom

Make your dream a reality at Louwman Exclusive

For now, just enjoy this pretty thing, and be glad that something like this can exist in this day and age.


Alejandro’s journey was never properly told and we feel his name should be commonly recognised among greats such as Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini.

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